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Case Studies

River Station, Montpelier, Vermont

River Station is an affordable multifamily housing building located in Montpelier, Vermont. The building has solar domestic hot water and sought to convert a 36 unit Low Income Housing Tax Credit Project from oil heat to pellet-fueled biomass heating. The goals of the project were to secure this important community affordable housing asset against the threat of rising energy costs and reduce the building’s dependency on fossil fuels.

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Darling Inn, Lyndonville, Vermont

The Darling Inn is a 28-unit apartment building located at 76 Depot Street in Lyndonville, Vermont. Originally a hotel built in 1928, the Darling Inn was converted to serve as an apartment building in the 1970s. The Darling Inn underwent a complete facility retrofit. The building had an outdated thermal shell and a costly and complicated heating system. The first floor was heated by an oil boiler and the second and third floors with electric storage heaters.

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Heineberg Senior Housing, Burlington, Vermont

Heineberg Senior Housing is an 82-unit apartment building located in the New North End of Burlington, Vermont. While nearly all lighting at Heineberg was fluorescent, some technologies were outdated relative to new LED technologies, and most fixtures lacked any occupancy-based controls. Furthermore, special attention to lighting quality was warranted due to the elderly population. Both in-unit and common-area lighting were audited. This was a capstone project for the property; a final lighting upgrade that was left undone after the retrofit.

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Milton Senior Housing, Milton, Vermont

The proposed Milton Senior Housing property is designed to be a 24-unit senior housing facility. Having completed a high performance building previously, the developer wanted to build a building that met even higher performance standards, and engaged Commons Energy and other partners to make Milton Senior Housing the first Passive House certified multi-family property in the Northeast. The project will be certified through the new Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) + 2015 Certification program.

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Union Square Apartments, Windsor, Vermont

Union Square Apartments is a 58-unit apartment building located at 7 Union Street in Windsor, Vermont. Comprehensive energy efficiency opportunities were implemented several years ago. The facility currently burns 17,000 gallons of fuel oil annually to provide heat and domestic hot water, and the owner/manager will switch to a biomass boiler to reduce and stabilize long-term heat and hot water costs. This is a capstone project for the property; a final energy-related upgrade that was left undone after the retrofit.

Read the full case study (PDF)

Other examples of successful projects completed using the public-purpose energy services performance contract model include:

  • Energy improvement projects with the City of Burlington at City Hall, Church Street Fire Station and the Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Vermont.
  • Installation of a central-wood fired heating system with Barre Housing Authority at Green Acres housing in Barre, Vermont.
  • Fuel-switch and thermal shell improvement project with the Burlington Housing Authority at Ten North Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.
  • The Decker Towers public housing high-rise was outfitted with a cogeneration hot water & heating system for the Burlington Housing Authority in Burlington, Vermont.