What if you could use a third less energy and have more money to serve your mission?

Commons Energy

We help improve the comfort, safety, and efficiency of public-purpose buildings by lowering overhead costs and creating positive cash flow.

Who we serve


Health care


Affordable multifamily housing

Don't let utility bills distract you from your mission.

Too often, the operations and management of your buildings can become a drain on much-needed resources that could and should be used toward the very purposes they were built to serve, whether it's healthcare, education, housing, or municipal services.

That's where Commons Energy comes in.

We make major energy improvements in public-purpose buildings.

After installation of energy savings features, you will receive an immediate reduction in the rate you pay for utilities. Most of this savings will pay for the upgrades and some of it will allow you to allocate more money to your programs. After our contract, you'll be able to allocate the full savings to your programs, around 30% of what you previously paid for utilities.

We're with you every step of the way

From finding your opportunities, to installing your equipment, to making sure it saves you energy. 

Our turn-key approach provides:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Installation
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Financing

Resulting in

Lower energy use and maintenance costs.

Immediate, positive cash flow

Increased comfort and affordability long-term

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee covers: operational and financial aspects of the project during and after construction, mutual responsibilities during the contract period, and terms and conditions of energy savings guarantee.

The energy performance contract provides the basis for projected energy reductions to occur.

The National Housing Trust Community Development Fund is excited to partner with Commons Energy to offer a market-based solution to address difficult barriers to success for owners of affordable housing. Commons Energy’s full-package energy service model, focused on real estate that exists for public benefit, helps provide comfort and quality of life to residents in low income communities and ensures the sustainability of these essential and underserved buildings.

Michael Bodaken, President, National Housing Trust

Working with us

Comprehensive Retrofit of Darling Inn, Lyndonville, Vermont

The Darling Inn is a 28-unit apartment building located at 76 Depot Street in Lyndonville, Vermont. Originally a hotel built in 1928, the Darling Inn was converted to serve as an apartment building in the 1970s. The Darling Inn underwent a complete facility retrofit. The building had an outdated thermal shell and a costly and complicated heating system. The first floor was heated by an oil boiler and the second and third floors with electric storage heaters.

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